“No shopping June!”

Oh, Lord, what have I done…? In the beginning of this month I told my boyfriend I was going to go the whole month of June without buying any make-up or skincare. The reason for this is that I`ve noticed that I`ve developed a bad habit of buying WAY more stuff than I need. Mainly on the make-up side, I guess. I don`t really use that mutch make-up, but I really like buying it. On the skincare side however, I do use most of my products up, it just takes a while. So, I figured I`d start using the things I´ve accumulated over the past few months, and then I can buy some more at the airport the next time I`m going abroad, which is on July 7. I think I can cope `til then =)

It actually feels quite good, not having to search youtube and blogs all the time, in search for the next great product.

A bit liberating, I`ll have to say =) 

Today however, I almost cracked… I was standing in line at H&M, holding two small sachets of face mask in my hand. I was making exuses in my head, ALMOST believing them myself. But, hold on to your hats, I put them back… Feeling very good about myself now, I`ll tell you that! *Proud* 

I`m sure I`ll write here again before this month is over, but rest assured, the products I`ll wright about will be ooooold 😉

(I did order one thing from feelunique.com the day before I decided to do this “no buy” thing, so maybe I`ll post something when it arrives) =) 

Have a great day! 

Ps: I`m also saving a bit of money with this project, but I didn`t emphasize this in the post, as I spend it on clothes instead =) Haha! Even, Steven! Image