The Unii palette.

I first saw the Unii palette in a few random You Tube videos, and really liked the look of it. I was planning on getting a MAC palette, but figured this one would be so much better for my needs. I only have one MAC eyeshadow, so a palette that would fit other eyeshadows as well makes so much more sense. I got my palette from this web cite. (If you`re in the US you can order it here.) It cost £15 plus delivery. It comes in 5 nice colors, and is really well made. I also like that it kinda looks like something Apple could make. It`s the iPalette =) LoL! It`s a bit smaller than MAC palettes, but thicker. It is also sturdier and feels like it`s better quality.

As you may notice, I de-potted my Urban Decay Naked Palette and put the shadows in the Unii palette. I was so nervous depotting my shadows, as I hadn`t done it before, and frankly, they are quite expensive. As you can see, my ONLY MAC shadow was a victim of my inexperience. So sad. My nail poked into it as i was taking it out. Other than that, I thought it went really well, and I use the different eyeshadows so much more now that they are all together in on place. I put the three most glittery ones in the top right corner to stop them from spreading glitter on to the more matte and shimmery shades.

The palette is magnetized, and comes with a magnetic sheet that you can cut to fit all different pan sizes. On the back of the magnet you can wright the name of the eyeshadow.

There are lots and lots of videos on You Tube on how to depot eyeshadows, so if you want to know how to do it yourself, just have a look there. Here is one that`s easy to follow. And I really recommend the Unii palette for keeping the depotted shadows in. I`s amazing, and really cute =)



My first MAC eyeshadow!

I can`t believe I´ve never owned a MAC eyeshadow before, but then again, I`ve never been as much into makeup as I am now. I wanted to get just a pan, but it turns out they only have the boxed ones at the MAC department where I live. (I`ve ordered a NICE looking empty palette online, and will blog it when it arrives…It`s not a MAC palette.) I researched long and hard what would be a good choice for my first MAC eyeshadow, and landed on Satin Taupe.
I love it, and think I will get much use out of it. It reminds me a lot of Urban Decays Hustle from the Naked palette. 
Now that I see them together, I kind of struggle to justify owning both, but oh, well. What `ya gonna do… UD`s Hustle on the left, Satin Taupe on the right. As you can see, Satin Taupe is a tad less shiny, and has a bit less gold to it. It is a Frost finish. I think S.T. is a bit better for work and daytime wear for me. Cant wait to put it in my palette when it arrives! (I am actually thinking about de-potting the Naked palette as well, `cause I think I would actually use the wonderful colors more that way. Is this crazy and just plain stupid? I can`t decide…)

March favorites.

I have never had a blog before, so I am very new to this whole thing. BUT i have read a few blogs, and I know what I like to read about. I hope you like what I have in my posts =)

The first thing I`ll do, is write about my march favourites! I love to watch beautyvideos on You Tube, and especially monthly favorites. I`m a bit late, but better late than never, ey?

The first thing I really like is The Righteous Butter body lotion from Soap and Glory. I LOVE this lotion! It smells like a piece of heaven, and is perfect in all ways. There is also a body butter if you prefer that, and it smells the same. I got mine at Boots.

I have also really enjoyed the Versace Bright Crystal sent. It is a very floral scent, and is perfect for spring. The only thing is that it does not last very long on the skin.

I have also been loving my Urban Decay Naked Palette. It is the perfect neutral palette, with great shimmery colors. The only negative is that there are only two matte colors. But the great quality of the eyeshadows makes up for it. I got mine at

I have also finally tried the Moroccan Hair Oil. I have been wanting to try this for so long, but haven`t dared to. Well, now I have! The sample came with the Elle magazine , and I love it! It does`t make your hair greasy at all, it just makes it smooth and removes any frizz. I get what the hype is all about! This is however my first encounter with hair oils, so I don`t really have anything to compare it with. But I love it =)

No.7 Triple protection tinted moisturizer, spf 15 in the color fair has also become a good friend in march. It`s light, not greasy, and does not break my skin out. It`s also affordable. What more can a girl ask for? I got this at Boots.

Finally, it`s my MAC Vera Pearlmatte Face Powder in the shade Flower fantasy. It`s perfect for everyday use, and it also has some shimmer that you can choose to include or stay away from. I have used this as my blush every day since I got it, and since it is a limited edition powder I  may be getting a backup of this one. Just in case I never find  something like this again.

So there you have it! My first real blog post, and in English! Who knew… Leave a comment if you like this post, or if you have any tips or tricks I should know about =)