Current favorites.

So, long time no blogging! But here we go! Maybe I`ll start blogging more this year, who knows… I thought I`d start by presenting a few of my current favorite products.


I loooove the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I have the shade 20, and I think it`s a pretty good match. Not too pink, not too yellow. I have combination skin, with a pretty oily t-zone, but with a little bit of powder i think it works fine. It does`t get me through a whole day at work or school, but I still love it. It has that wonderful Chanel scent, and I love that it feels so luxurious.

A new everyday staple is the Kanebo Sensai 38 mascara. I use the shade brown. This has fibers in it, and makes my lashes perfect for everyday wonderfulness. The best thing about it is that it`s waterproof, up till 38 degrees Celsius. I find waterproof mascaras too much of a hassle, but regular mascaras don`t cut it for me. I tend to cry happy or sad tears a lot, and also the weather here in Norway is solo unpredictable, and don`t wanna worry about my mascara running. I used to use the Clinique ones that work the same way, but I find that they smudge on me. All in all, love this one, and will be using it for years and years to come.

Another everyday must for me is the Kiehl`s ultra light UV defense. I use this every day, even in the winter. It`s light weight, and works great under make-up. It does not brake me out, and doesn`t smell of anything. Love it.

I have recently bought this Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush, in the shade soft pink. This is a great natural flush color, and I use it with a Real Techniques stippling brush. It`s inexpensive and lovely =)

The last thing is actually something I bought as a present for myself today, as a reward for getting an A on my exams =) It`s the Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo in the shade Soft Blonde. So, I haven`t actually used it yet, but I used my moms during christmas, and I loved it. I love that it has two shades, so that I can mix them to make the perfect shade. I`ve never had a high end brow product before, so I`m really excited! Ah, the joy money can buy… Seriously…

So, that`s that. I have a lot more favorites, but I think I`ll keep it short and sweet this time. But I`ll be back =)



So, I picked up a few new things =) Part 1.

It`s been a while since my last post. Mainly because I had my “no buy month” of June, and then because I knew I was going to be buying some more stuff when I was traveling in my holiday. Sooo, I`m back, and I brought stuff back with me! I`m going to split this post into two parts, as I don`t want it to be too long.

I was in Palma, Mallorca in Spain, and the have Sephora there… Oh, Lord have mercy, I loved it! I have never been to a Sephora before, so you can believe I was excited! I didn`t actually have too much money to spend in there, as the trip itself was kind of expensive, but here are the things I did get.

I had really been looking forward to getting the Sephora Professional mineral powder brush, number 45. I had read some great things about it, so I bought two. (Remembering how I regretted only buying one of the Real techniques stippling brush when I was in London in May.) I bought it mainly to use with the Bare minerals original foundation. I used to use this foundation a while back, and liked it. I didn`t love it however. Then I read a blog post saying that it was a whole other product when used with this Sephora brush. And I must say, it really is! The brush that came with the Bare Minerals set I got way back, sucks! It`s so rough! I really recommend you try this combo, as it is truly great. Loving it! I definitely think the mineral foundation is doing great things for my skin. I have combination skin, prone to breakouts, and at the moment my skin is looking really good and healthy. I think a lot of that has to do with the Bare Minerals =)

At Sephora I also picked up three small Sephora Eau de toilettes; one with green tea, one with peony, and one with cotton flower. Love them all. I`m a bit scared to use them, tough, as I don`t know where I could get new ones when they`d run out. Oh, well. Not exactly a real problem tough, is it…? Hehe.

I also got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I have seen this in so many blogs and YouTube videos, I just had to get it. Plus, I only have a sample size of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, and that won`t last me very long, now will it..? So, I actually needed this one! Yay! I haven’t really tested it yet, but I`m sure it will be great. I`ll let you know if I don`t get on with it.

So, that`s the end of part one. This is all stuff I got from Sephora. In the next part are the things I got at the airport and a couple of other places. I`m actually going to show you some shoes as well, `cause they`re AWSOME! Hihi.