Project: Growing my hair out.I

First, a little bit of background info on my hair. I`ve had a pixie cut for the last few years, and I really like how it looks on me. Obviously, this is not me, but the actress Emma Watson. My hair looked a lot like this.

Emma Watson

However, I`ve grown tired of having to have it cut so often. It looks good when it`s the right length, and not good at all when it`s grown a bit too long. My task at hand; growing it out. I tried to do this maybe a year ago, but gave up a few months into it, and cut it again. This time I will not give up. I will grow my hair all day and all night, every day, until it`s loooong =) (I`m hoping my hair will do most of the work for me, though…)

My goal length would be something in the line of this;

My hair is naturally wavy, and I like my hair at this length. (This is obviously not me either, but Alexa Chung.) I used to have healthy, wavy hair down below my shoulders, but years of dying it almost black, and then going blonde again took it`s toll on my hair. Now however, I think my hair is healthy enough for me to start growing it out again. I`m going to try to keep it healthy, and for this I`ve gotten a few things to help me on my way to long luscious locks.

  • Good quality shampoo and conditioner. I bought the TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Tween Shampoo & Conditioner DuoMy hairdresser recommended these for my hair, and I`ve actually used them up until recently. (The ones I had, ran out, and I bought shampoo and conditioner at my grocery store, from the brand Define. I could really tell the difference, and I ordered the ones from TIGI again. The Define shampoo and conditioner really made my hair feel heavy, greasy and not at all nice.) I got my TIGIs from

They smell really nice, and helps bring moisture back into hair that has been dyed and fried with blowdryers and straighteners. Plus they are HUUUUGE, (750ml) and last forever!

  • Next on my shopping list was a good hair mask. I had head so many good things about the Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment for Damaged Hair. The bottle says to leave it on for 15 minutes, but I usually try to leave it on for as long as I can. I put it on towel-dried hair, and put a shower cap over it. Sometimes I put a towel around as well, just because it looks a bit better =) If you want you can sleep with it in over night, but I usually have all the time in the world when I get home from work, and find these hours are enough. My hair feels so nice and hydrated after using this, and I feel I`m doing something good for my hair.

  • A big part of my healthy hair project is trying to cut down on the amount of heat I`m putting on it. I let it air dry almost every day now, and try to use my straighteners with caution. I have to admit I don`t really use a heat protectant on my hair, but I`ve ordered one online, and can`t wait to use it. It`s just stupid to fry my hair while trying to keep it healthy. I ordered the TIGI S-Factor Silky smooth Moisture Serum with Sunflower Seed Extracts, as my hairdresser recommended. Looking forward to trying it. It`s a serum that protects and moisturizes. Just what I need =) I found this as well on
  • I also realize I need to stay away from the hairdresser. Now, I try to just cut it at the back every once in a while to stop it from growing into a mullet, ala MacGyver. Other than that, I just leave it to grow. Patience, M. Patience.
  • Diet. I try to eat more protein, and generally healthy. I don`t really eat a lot of meat, but I`ve amped up my egg intake, and hope that will help.

So, that`s my tips on growing out your hair. I`ll let you know how my hair-growing goes =)



Bare Minerals skincare.

I`ve used the Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation on an off for a few years, but I`ve never tried their skincare until now. I needed (read: wanted) a new cleanser and a new nighttime treatment, so I decided to give these two babies a go!

The pictures are not the best quality, but hey ho.

The cleanser is a “purifying facial cleanser, with RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex” it says on the bottle…  I really like it for both removing makeup and cleansing my face. I use two pumps for round one, and it really does a great job at removing my makeup, including eye makeup. (I haven`t tried to remove waterproof mascara yet, but I`ll let you know how that goes when I`ve tried it.) I then use one pump to really cleanse my skin afterwards. The amount that comes out with each pump is really small, so I think this will last me a long time! Yey! I use this morning and night, and it feels really gentle and not at all harsh on my skin. Like!

I got mine of, and you can find more about this cleanser here.

The next Bare Minerals skincare product I got from feelunique was their Pure transformation night treatment. You can find it here. I got mine in the shade “clear“.

I really like the natural feel of the Bare Minerals mineral foundation, so when I found this mineral powder nighttime treatment, I wanted to try it. There is something weird about putting on a powder at  night, but you kinda get used to it. Almost. It`s a powder that you`re supposed to put on with the integrated brush that is in the lid. The brush is actually quite soft for being a Bare Minerals brush, and it applies the powder fine. The thing I don`t like about this product is the fact that there is no way of controlling the amount of product that comes onto the brush. I once put it in my bag to bring to my parents house, as I was spending the night, and the shaking had made waaay to much powder come on to the brush. (Difficult to explain, hope you get what I mean.)

There is no way to get it back down, so you end up using too much, and this is not a cheap product, so wasting feels so wrong. I wish this came with a lockable compartment, like the foundations do. That would fix the problem =)

As for the difference it has made to my skin, I can`t say that I really see much of a difference. It promises to tighten pores, give a radiant,  improved skin tone and better skin texture. I will definitely use it up, and hopefully see more results as time goes. I really wish it smelled better though, as I really like the luxurious feeling of putting on a cream or mask that smells great. But I guess this one is kinda like some medicine. It smells bad, but does good things…?




London haul/ current favorites, part one.

So, I was in London with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. I had never been there before, and was sooo exited! I obviously picked up a few makeup and skincare products, and wanted to show you guys what i bought! (This is not all i bought, but I don`t think I can fit everything into this post without it being too much.) So, here we go! Image

The first things are two BB creams and a concealer. The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream is in the shade medium, and the oil free Garnier Miracle skin perfector in the shade fair. We don`t have these BB creams in Norway, so i was exited to see them in London. I don`t know what i was thinking when I chose these colors, however. One is too fair and one is too dark, so I mix them together for an OK result =) Can`t say witch one I like the most, because I only use them together, so… But I`m guessing they will be available here soon, so I might pick up a different shade then.

The concealer is the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer that is sooo raved about on the beauty channels on YouTube. I just had to get one! Mine is in the shade 3, medium. I think it is very creamy, has good coverage, and it doesn`t crease on me. I like it, and will probably buy another one the next time I come across one. (Don`t think we have it in Norway..)


I was super exited to see the Real Tecniques stippling brush in Boots, as I had heard so many great things about it. It was all true. I love it with my powder blushes, and use it every day. I regret not picking up more, and will do so the next time I see one. Let me know if you know any good websites that sell it! The other brush is not from London, but from the E.L.F website. It is the Studio line powder brush. It is exelent with liquid foundation, and with bronzers! I haven`t tried it with anything else, but I do love it for the products I use it with. It is supersoft, and the price is unbeatable!


For a few moths I have been eyeing the Biotherm Aquasource Nuit, and I finally picked this up at the airport on my way home from London. I LOVE it! It is so hydrating without making my skin oily. (I have pretty oily, dehydrated skin.) I use this every night, and I definitely can see a difference. My skin looks and feels more plumped, and healthier. I also love the smell, and look forward to applying it every night.

We have all heard so many wonderful things about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, and when I saw it I could not resist the temptation. I have not used it that many times yet, but so far I can honestly say I don`t get what the hype is all about… It`s not that I don`t like it, I just don`t see any real difference in my skin. The smell is…different. Not good, not bad, just…toothpasty. I like the feel when I spray it on. I like the glass bottle. I like the idea. Other than that, I don`t know. Maybe I haven`t used it enough. I will up the use of my Beauty Elixir, and get back to you. I got it from (Edit; I`ve now used it for a few months, and find it breaks me out if I use it too much. Once a day is fine, but more than that really irritates and aggravates my skin.)

And then there is the St.Ives Apricot scrub. It`s a good scrub, not much else to say. It is really cheap, it feels good, me like! I haven`t seen this in Norway either, so I bought a couple of this. I now have a stash. (Two is a stash, right?)

I`ll post more stuff from my trip to London soon =)

Also, summer has come to Norway as well, and I just have to post a couple of pictures of this rare event…