I love/hate this thing…

I love/hate you...

Meet my epilator… I love/hate it. Mostly I love it, though. The thing with epilators is, as you may know, that it removes the hair with the root. That way it takes longer for it to grow back. This part I love.

And then there`s the pain part. It`s painful. Or at least I think it is. I know some people who does`t seem to think it hurts, but I don`t know how that can be. Cause let me tell you, it does. If you have like ten hairs on each leg, it will not hurt. If you are like me, it will… After you are done, and for the next 12 hours, it looks like you have caught some rare tropical decease that just might kill you. Your skin will look like it will never forgive you, but it always does in the end 😉

I`m quite happy with my Braun Silk-epil, and it is not one of the more expensive ones. You don`t need to spend a great deal of money on an epilator. Just make sure that the part that actually does the plucking of the hairs is wide enough, so you don`t have to spend an hour on each leg.

I have a few tips and tricks when it comes to the art of handling an epilator, so if you have questions, please ask! I will share my hairy secrets with anyone who wants to hear them, really.



2 thoughts on “I love/hate this thing…

  1. i get what you mean about the love/hate relationship! what i do is to smear a generous layer of baby powder on the area before i epilate and this makes it effectively painless. what do you do?

    • That`s a great tip, I`ll definitely be trying that! I mainly try to do it often, so the hairs don`t all come back between each time. And I have been known to have a glass of wine along with my epilating… I don`t know if it actually helps, but it sure makes it less awful!

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